• SRGC cordless Li-ion battary clipper

    Introduction Thank you for purchasing our professional clippers The clipper gives you the freedom to clip how and where you please from a choice of power sources. it performs like a mains powered clipper. It is used for dog, cat etc small animal with 10# blade, and horse, cattle etc big animal wi...
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  • Professional Clipper Maintenance

    The purchase of a high quality clipper is one of the most important investments a professional groomer can make. Groomers want a clipper to run efficiently and smoothly for a long time, so proper maintenance is essential. Without proper maintenance, the clippers and blades won’t operate at their ...
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  • How To Adjust Pet Clipper Blades

    Pet clipper blades often require adjustment as the result of blade assembly misalignment or damage caused by heat, general wear or misuse that loosens or bends blade assembly pieces. Recognizing this type of problem isn’t difficult, as distinguishable shaking and rattling occur when the clippers ...
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